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An Overview of AGC Fluoropolymer Products

Posted by Jessica Hoogendoorn

Apr 7, 2015 11:26:09 AM

T & T offers a variety of fluoropolymer color concentrates and resins from AGC.  

We offer a wide range of Color Concentrates, which are used to pigment and enhance properties in fluoropolymer resins, including:







Standard packaging for the color concentrates is 25 lb. pails, but we can ship a minimum of 5 lbs. of color based on availability.

Available standard colors include: white, orange, blue, green, brown, red, black, yellow, violet and gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

View the color concentrate brochure

 fluoropolymer color concentrates

Resins Offered Include:


AGC offers five standard ETFE resins. 

View the data sheet for the standard ETFE resins.

In addition to the five standard grades, AGC offers Fluon® Heat Resistant Low Melting ETFE compounds and XL ETFE. 

The two Heat Resistant Low Melting grades have excellent retention of physical properties even after aging at 232C when compared to standard ETFE and competitive heat-resistant ETFE materials. These grades can be processed using conventional thermoplastics techniques such as extrusion and injection molding. 

Data sheets are available upon request for the Heat Resistant Low Melting Grades: These grades are HR 930 and HR 907.

AGC also offers two ebeam crosslinkable grades: FP-E-93000-LF and FP-E-93000-HF. Data sheets for these grades are also available upon request. 



- High Resistance to Heatfluoropolymers

- Excellent Chemical Resistance

- Low Smoke and Flame Characteristics

- Outstanding Resistance to Weather and Aging

- Excellent Dielectric Properties

- Non-Stick Characteristics


- Wire and Cable

- Tubing and Pipe

- Film and Sheets

- Valves, Fittings, and Housings

 View the PFA data sheet  


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