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Discounted ETFE Material Available from T & T Marketing

Posted by Jessica Hoogendoorn

Jun 24, 2015 10:34:00 AM

T & T Marketing is offering the following materials at discounted prices.
ETFE White Color Concentrate
Material: ETFE C-88AXM White Color Concentrate (See data sheet.
Amount Available: 1600 lbs.
Package: 225 lb. Drums
Shipping Location: Downingtown, PA
ETFE Off-grade Resin
Material: C-55AP Off-grade 
Amount Available: 132.28 lbs. (MFRs of 3.7, 9.5, and 11.3)
Package: 44.09 lb. Bags
Shipping Location: Newark, NJ 
For pricing information, please send an email to info@ttmarketinginc.com or click the button below and indicate which material you are interested in.
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